Our four young jungle cats have moved to a new home in "Gan Hai" in Ra'anana Park, where they been given a spacious and comfortable enclosure. It seems that they have acclimatized well and feel "at home" at their new location.

The agave plant at the Zoological Garden entrance has sprouted an impressively big florescence stem that continues to grow slowly. We think that the plant is Agave sisalana, but we will know for sure only after it flowers.

Summer has arrived in the reptile yard: shade nets have been spread between the cage rows, our lizards and snakes are waking up, and young pups have been observed in the cages of the fat sand rat and the golden spiny mouse.   

Jungle cat and Agava florescence

Left: The Agave florescence stem in different stages of development , Photo: Ron Elazari-Volcani; Right: Our jungle cats in their new home, Photo: courtesy of “Gan Hai”, Ra'anana Park

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