Our male jungle cat has been moved to a new cage in order to separate it from the female and prevent breeding at this stage. Its new home is a renovated cage in the north-east section of the Garden. The renovation of the cage now allows the jungle cat to take full advantage of all the space available to it. As part of the renovation, marsh plants and southern maidenhair were planted and an automated drip irrigation system was installed.

Two of our four young vultures that arrived from Spain in winter 2016 have been moved to Hai-Bar Carmel. The other two now share a spacious cage with the old vulture couple, having been relocated there in order to use their old cage for the new pair of white-tailed sea-eagles.

Perhaps you have noticed that the ibexes' fur looks a bit strange at the moment? Don’t worry; they are now in the midst of exchanging their fur for the nice shorter summer fur. Some have already completed the exchange, while others are still shedding their thick winter coat.

A wild flower garden is currently under construction at the entrance to the Zoological Garden. The flower garden will welcome all those who enter the Garden and remind them of the season of the year. The flower seeds will be sown with the first rain. For the first few days after sowing we will reinforce the rain with irrigation, and will then let nature take its course.

As part of the project of removing the asbestos in the Zoological Garden, the hayloft has being extensively renovated. The asbestos has been removed and replaced with safe and approved materials.

The Zoological Garden attracts a variety birds, including mallard ducks that enjoy our lake in the midst of the hot summer.

At the beginning of the summer we sadly parted from our old Ruppell's fox that had died at the venerable age of 17 years.

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