* This winter, as every winter, the flock of yellow-legged seagulls that nests here has arrived. Nesting has not yet begun, but occasionally you can see the seagulls' courtship behavior. * When the Persian fallow deer's antlers reach their peak size, the deer's aggression also becomes very high. Consequently, we have to separate them. Now, after shedding their antlers, they are no longer aggressive and can spend their time together in their spacious enclosure.

* The rain has arrived and our winter puddle is almost overflowing.

* It's the middle of winter and spring is already in the air… The peacocks have begun their courtship even though their tail feathers have not yet reached their full size. At this stage they are courting whoever they meet on the main grass, a seagull for instance! The storks' bill-tapping sounds can be heard all over the Garden; some of the hens already have young chicks; the tortoises in the thicket aviary are energetically courting and copulating; and even the Lebanon lizard has come out of her winter hide and is basking in the sun; for her – spring is here! 

A Persian fallow deer after shedding both antlers, photo: Ron Elazari-Volcani

A Persian fallow deer after shedding both antlers, photo: Ron Elazari-Volcani 

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