Sivan Biton, who joined the Zoological Garden's staff, has vast botanical knowledge. She uses this knowledge to nurture the vegetation inside and outside the cages and on the main grass area. Sivan has planted a variety of plants in pots and created a reservoir of plants to be introduced into the cages and in various areas of the Garden. The plants will be used both for enriching the animals' diet and as additional greenery in the various areas of the garden. Sivan also studies which plants are resistant to the grazing pressure of the gazelles and nene geese. To date she has found that myrtle, sage, narcissus, and Pancratium are not eaten by the animals and so can be planted in the main grass area. Another important project that occupies Sivan is that of trying to grow shrubby saltbush. This plant is very important for the fat sand rat's diet and at the moment the animal keepers have to bring in saltbush from outside the Garden. If we could grow saltbush here, time and cost will be saved.

Edible plants’ sprouts (right) , Shrubby saltbush implants (left), Photos: Ron Elazari-Volcani

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