Shir, a fennec fox and an ice lolly,  photo: Amit Shauly

In our Spring newsletter we wrote about the new course, "Research, nature conservation, and education in zoos", in which the students carry out projects in the Zoological Garden.

The big research pool,  photo: Gal Ribak

Dr Gal Ribak is currently building a new research system in the north-east area of the Zoological Garden, for studying the biomechanics and energetic cost of swimming in water birds.

Sagol School graduation event photo: Yossi Yovel

The graduation event of undergraduate students of the Sagol School of Neuroscience took place in the Zoological Garden.

Squacco herons nesting,  photo: Eran Amichai

Sharped-eyed Rony Michlin discovered on one of the Garden's trees a squacco heron nest – a very rare event in our region. Rony asked Dr Eran Amichai to photograph the nest, so we now have documentation of the happy event.

Photo: Anat Gal

Anat Gal, the group's guide
This year we started the Tel Aviv birding group with a small group of promising young "girl ornithologists" in grades 2-4.

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