The students on a tour in the Zoological Garden, photo: Noga Kronfled-Schor

Zoos constitue cultural and educational institutes designated for the general public, as well as important scientific institutes in which diverse studies on wild animals are carried out.

Our two coatis, photo: Ilil Pratt

Anyone who has noticed our pair of coatis must have wondered how these animals, originating from distant South America, have found their way into our Zoological Garden, which mainly holds animals from our own region.

Ibis feeding apparatus, photo: Ron Elazari-Volcani

If you have happened to look recently at the water birds' yard you might have wondered about the purpose of the new apparatus. It's very simple – it's a feeding apparatus for birds! And for which birds? For the northern bald ibises.

A national seminar on reptilesת, photo: Uri Erlich

On Monday, May 28, 2018, a national seminar on reptiles intended for Israel Nature and Parks Authority (INPA) guides was held in the Steinhardt Museum on Natural History, as preparation for updating the "Red Book".

A lesser kestrel’s nestling, photo: Hadar Yosifon

The summer is almost here in the breeding season is on:

Hadar and the chicks, photo: Ron Elazari-Volcani

Our greylag goose flock comprises seven geese: two breeding pairs and one female, which also breeds. And how does she breed alone? She probably "steals" copulations from one of the two males.

The squirrel in the thicket aviary, photo: Noga Kronfled-Schor

Our Caucasian squirrel, which we transferred to the thicket aviary about three months ago, is enjoying his large and varied new environment.

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