Our long-eared hedgehogs, a male and a female, are housed in separate cages due to their solitary nature. About three or four months ago, the keepers noticed that the male was sneaking out during the night and getting into the female's cage. The naughty hedgehog was returned to its own cage each time, but the morning after was again discovered in the female's cage!
This behavior continued for a short while, and then suddenly stopped. A few weeks later, at the end of November, four hedgehog pups, about six weeks old, were discovered…
In mid-December the family was separated and the growing pups were moved into spacious cage in the reptile yard: the westernmost cage in the northern row of cages. According to Barak, their keeper’s, suggestion, they will be fed with insects – a delicacy for them – in the morning hours, so that they will be active during the tour hours.

Photo: Ilil Pratt

The four young hedgehogs starting to become familiar with their new habitat, Photo: Ilil Pratt

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