During the present academic year the course "Research, nature conservation and education in zoos" was held for the second time. This year the course was in an annual format. Most of the lectures took place in the first semester and most of the practical work in the seond semester. The majority of our students did not have any experience in the practical work that is needed for their projects, so we devoted a double lesson to a practical workshop in the Zoological Garden. In the workshop the students learned from Roni Michlin about the animal's food supply chain; Barak Levi showed the students around the room in which he grows insects as food for the Garden's animals; Hadar Yosifon demonstrated how to build a water pond; and Ehud Katzir and Emanuel Bar worked with the students on builiding concrete items in cages and Ron Elazari-Volcani worked with them on metal and wood. At the end of May and the beginning of June we had two meeting in which the students presented their projects. Each group presented what it had done so far and its plans for the rest of the projects. Now we are waiting to receive their final reports, and are hoping that some of the enrichments tools they have planned, built, and implemented will be used by our keepers for many months to come. 

חתול ביצה נהנה ממגש החיטה

In the summer newsletter we are planning to write more about the projects and the most successful enrichments, but for now we are happy to be able to share with you a photo from the project undertaken by the group that worked with the jungle cats: Mai Bonomo, Inbar Dahan, Shatha Kaidbay, and Edan Mortman. In the photo, taken by Shatha Kaidbay, one of the jungle cats enjoys a tray with wheat sprouts. 

מתנסים בעבודה בבטון, יחד עם ילדי עובדי הגן

Working with concrete, together with some of the worker’s children

רונה אקרט מציגה את המתקן המתוכנן לחצר היעלים

Rona Eckert is presenting the apparatus planned for the ibexes, a project that she is carrying out with Kaspit Ishlach and Nicole Hinnaw

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