A new research system is being built in the northern part of the Zoological Garden, near the invasive birds' cage. The new cage will be inhabited by a colony of monk parakeets. The birds will have GPS devices and microphones attached to them and will be able to exit and enter the cage at will.  This research is part of Yonatan Wischnitzer’s PhD study. Yonatan is studying animal synchronized movement under the supervision of Dr Yossi Yovel from the Department of Zoology.

The monk parakeet is an invasive species in Israel and it feeds on a variety of seeds and fruits, with the consequent high potential to cause significant damage to agriculture, as already found in the case of the rose-ringed parakeet. The present study is carried out in cooperation with the Israel Nature and Parks Authority, in order to expand our knowledge of this species and enable us to mitigate potential future damage by the monk parakeet.

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