On 11th November 2015 we celebrated an historical moment: an opening was made in the wall between the Botanical and the Zoological Gardens and a gate connecting the two gardens was installed. The gate is located near the new Root Lab and the gymnosperm collection in the Botanical Garden and near the wolf and hyena cages in the Zoological Garden. The passage between the gardens was enabled thanks to a generous donation by Mrs Lili Peyser, who strongly believes in collaboration. The gate is composed of two separate doors, similarly to a "lion gate", and designed to prevent the animals from passing between the two gardens. The gate was erected in memory of Sara and Emmanuel Racine, and group assembly centers will be constructed on either side of it. The connection between the gardens is perfectly expressed by a painting, displayed on the "botanical" side and portraying the interaction between plants and animals. The painting was designed and executed by the naturalist artist Tuvia Kurtz. While the gate will be used mainly by groups visiting the two gardens, it first and foremost symbolizes the connection and cooperation between the two. 

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