In the previous edition of Gardens News we announced that the female of our old griffon vulture pair had laid an egg at the end of February. The egg was transferred to the national incubation center for Israeli birds of prey at the Jerusalem Biblical Zoo. The female then laid a second egg, which was also transferred to the incubation center.

On 6.6.16  an operation was carried out by the Zoology Department to improve our animal welfare and our visitors' experience. Department members volunteered to help and various laboratories "adopted" a specific cage or an area of the garden. 

Photo: Amir Ben Dov

The yellow-legged gull (Larus michahellis) breeds along the shores of Israel. Its largest breeding colonies are on Nachlieli Island at Rosh Hanikra, Pigeons Island at Maagan Michael, and in our Zoological Garden.

Photo: Oz Rittner

In the "Official Bird of Eilat" competition that took place in June as part of a project carried out by the Eilat Bird-Watching Park, the Eilat municipality, and the city's environmental unit, the white-eyed gull (Larus leucophthalmus) won the title.

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