An Israeli barn owl, with a Tel Aviv University ring on its foot, has crossed the border and was captured in Jordan. The story was published on YNET: a surgeon from the Jordanian town of Irbid was visiting the local market and surprised to see a white barn owl for sale. He noticed that it was in bad physical condition, bought it, and started treating it at home. While treating the owl he noticed a metal ring on its foot, engraved with an English inscription from Tel Aviv University and the no.  GG25532. Through Facebook he contacted Prof. Noga Kronfeld-Schor, head of the School of Zoology and told her about the barn owl. Prof. Yossi Leshem checked the number and found that the barn owl is a male that was ringed on May 2014 in the palm grove on Kibbutz Shluhot, as part of the national project of using barn owls and common kestrels as biological pest control in agriculture. Prof. Leshem contacted the Jordanian project partner, General Mansur Abu-Rashid, and offered to pay the doctor for the medical treatment. The doctor refused any payment for his efforts and when the owl had recovered and was able to fly again, he transferred it to the Jordanian general. 

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