Our vision
The Zoological Research Garden nurtures, promotes, and leads the scientific research and education in Israel. The Garden hosts a comprehensive and representative collection of local animals. A visit to the garden can accommodate variety of groups and purposes, and provides a recreational experience with scientific added value.

Academic research goals

  1. To provide researchers from Tel Aviv University and other research institutions in Israel and abroad with an advanced research infrastructure based on non-laboratory animals. 
  2. To locate Tel Aviv University's Zoology Department as a leading academic organization in the Israeli and international research communities.

Educational and teaching goals

  1. To serve as an infrastructure for animal-based academic teaching for Tel Aviv University students as well as for students from other academic institutions. 
  2. To serve as a base for an inter-university center for teaching animal-based courses. 
  3. To open the Zoological Garden's gates to the general public, in order to stimulate curiosity, disseminate knowledge of nature and science, and educate towards caring for wildlife and nature conservation.

Nature conservation goals

  1. To participate in local, regional, and international conservation plans, to contribute to them from our scientific knowledge, and to maintain breeding cores of endangered species. 
  2. To be part of the nature conservation community and comprise a professional center for various nature conservation organizations. 
  3. To become a central and leading body in nature conservation research.