As preparation for the summer, our turtle pond and the big pond on the main grass have been cleaned: the water was pumped out, the soil at the bottom was treated, and fresh water was poured into the ponds.

cleaning the lake

The animals in the Zoological Garden enjoy a constant supply of fresh food – mealworms and crickets – thanks to the devoted work of Barak Levy, one of our animal keepers. Mealworm and cricket growth is intense, thus demanding daily care and extra precautions. It is a great advantage for us to use food that is produced here in the Garden, as this enables us to control the quality of the food and makes us independent of outside sources. We are probably the only place in Israel that grows so many mealworms and crickets, and we thank Barak for his hard and dedicated work.  

The mealworm and cricket room, photo: Barak Levy

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