chick hatching

In our winter newsletter we wrote about the hatching of barn owl nestlings and  nene chicks, and our  hope that our Mandarin ducks, the newest inhabitants in the Garden, would also breed.

Working with concrete, together with some of the worker’s children

During the present academic year the course "Research, nature conservation and education in zoos" was held for the second time.

Hadar and Ehud enjoying the first day of the conference

In May, the second conference on zoo design was held in Wroclaw, Poland. About 180 people attended the conference, among them leading landscape architects who specialized in designing zoos and exhibits, zoo managers, curators, zoologists, educators, and animal keepers from zoos around the world.

Cleaning the lake, photo: Lior Twig

As preparation for the summer, our turtle pond and the big pond on the main grass have been cleaned: the water was pumped out, the soil at the bottom was treated, and fresh water was poured into the ponds.

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