Anat Gal, the group's guide
This year we started the Tel Aviv birding group with a small group of promising young "girl ornithologists" in grades 2-4. The group has since grown somewhat and every week we met in a different area of Tel Aviv and looked for birds and nature. Sometimes the sun shone on us, sometimes we had a little rain, but in every weather we found its particular uniqueness and had a close encounter with nature. Occasionally, when we needed a real refuge, we found our home in the intriguing and inviting Zoological Garden, which was an important anchor for the group.
Head-Bird Birding Center ("Rosh Zipor") – a new birding park that was inaugurated in the Yarkon Park – has become an attraction center for us, and gradually also for the birds. Throughout the year we were lucky enough to see resident and migratory birds that have arrived to swim, bath, and eat in the lake: ducks, kingfishers, and turtle doves, with the highlight being about 50 white wagtails that had a crowded and excited bath. 

In the migration season we made an effort to greet the newcomers that had arrived directly from the sea and landed on the hills of HaTsuk Beach. Birds of prey, shrikes, wheatears, and bee-eaters played hide-and-seek with us among the sand dunes and the vegetation. 
We also visited the Yarkon estuary, near Tel Aviv port, where we discovered one of the group's most exiting finds: a roosting site of common starlings! Just before sunset we sat down on the grass in front of Reading Terminal and watched the starlings preparing for their night in a spectacular aerobatic dance above the city skyline. 

But, of course, there is no place like home! When we didn't want to play hide-and-seek with the birds and instead to have a close look at them we were welcomed in the Zoological Garden. We shared the paths with storks and cranes, watched the endangered vultures and gulls nesting, and had close encounters with the abundance of birds. From the knowledge we had acquired we sought to give something back to the Garden's birds by planning unique feeders for them.
We are waiting impatiently for next year, when we will meet the scientists who carry out their research in the Zoological Garden, the various migratory birds in the Botanical Garden, and the birds that come to spend the winter at the Head-Bird Birding Center in particular and in the whole of Tel Aviv in general.
Sounds like fun? You are welcome to join our group!
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