• One of our animal keepers, Barak Levy, has completed a course in snake catching. The course was organized by the Israel Nature and Parks Authority and was taught by Aviad Bar and Osnat Azulay. The course took place in the Sherman building and was based on the snake collection of the Zoological Garden. At the end of the course Barak received a permit for catching snakes.
  • At the end of December we said goodbye to our Bonelli's eagles (Aquila fasciata), after the Israel Nature and Parks Authority found them a more suitable place for their needs. In their new home they will have a much more spacious flight area than we were able to give them here. We wish them a fast and easy acclimation.
  • Shosha, our female wolf, has recently undergone several veterinary procedures: about two months ago she had surgery due to a uterine infection; a month later she underwent surgery to remove a tumor from her udder. After she has fully recovered from these she will undergo one more surgery, for eyelid lifting. The reason for this last operation is of course not cosmetic: the drooping eyelid is the cause of her repeated eye infections.
  • The Tristram's starling has a new home. It is now sharing the hyrax exhibition, near the ibexes. Although you can easily see and hear the starling, it much more difficult to see the shy hyraxes…
  • At the beginning of the winter we partly covered the thicket aviary with a big nylon sheet in order to prevent too much rain from getting in.
  • Our Bedouin goats are beginning to feel more and more at home on the open grass, so it's much easier to see them. Their pen is permanently open, allowing them to go in an out as they please.
  • One of our two European badgers has shown up and posed for a picture...
Ygal Miller with a Bonelli's eagle, photo: Noga Kronfeld-Schor

Ygal Miller with a Bonelli's eagle, photo: Noga Kronfeld-Schor

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