Over the last few months many innovations and renovations have taken place in the Zoological Garden. Below are several of the projects with which we are currently engaged:

  • Construction of a new exhibition area for the beech martens, on the external western wall of the vulture and white-tail sea-eagle exhibition. This new area – between an existing exhibition and the path behind it –will be long, quite narrow and high. In nature beech martens spend a significant part of their time on trees, and they will be able to do so in the new exhibition, which will be built in a way that will enable them to exploit its full height. For the new exhibition we are using a plan that was developed by a group of students who participated in the course "Research, Nature Conservation and Education in Zoos", and whose project in the course was to design an exhibition for the beech martens.
  • Because the new exhibition is being built on the external wall of the vulture and sea-eagle exhibition, we understood that the construction works would create a significant disturbance. Therefore, the vultures and the sea-eagles have been transferred temporarily to the Israel Nature and Parks Authority and will be back with us once more when all the construction will be over. Meanwhile, we are taking the opportunity to renovate their exhibitions. We are dismantling the high nesting platforms and building nesting areas in the corners, thus enlarging the potential flight area. 
  • As part of improving the visibility of the Garden we are replacing the cacti gardens with local plant gardens.
Building the new exhibition area for the beech martens

Building the new exhibition area for the beech martens 

Hadar, Emanuel and Ron, wearing the new staff shirts, renovating the vulture exhibition

Hadar, Emanuel and Ron, wearing the new staff shirts, renovating the vulture exhibition

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