The Zoological Research Garden was designed and built in the 1970s, and is currently undergoing renovations in light of the new and modern perceptions of animal welfare, and of the advanced research needs.  

Garden exhibition goals

The Zoological Research Garden will serve as a teaching and learning platform and as an edutainment center in the fields of zoology, animal behavior, ecology, evolution, Israeli nature and, nature conservation. These goals will be fulfilled through the combined activity of three channels: • Creating an emotional sense of pleasure from experiencing nature, feelings of wonder and amazement; • Acquisition of scientific knowledge and nature conservation knowledge; • Value-oriented education and a call for action on both the scientific knowledge and nature conservation knowledge fronts.

Guidelines for exhibition designs

• The exhibitions will reflect central biological concepts. • The exhibitions will display habitats that are characteristic to Israel. • The Zoological Research Garden is itself a living exhibition; in other words, an exhibition of live animals that display a variety of behaviors. • The Garden exhibitions offer a window into the zoological research being carried out in the garden. • The Zoological Research Garden actively promotes nature conservation.