As part of a research carried out by Michal Zaitzove-Raz and Or Komai, supervised by Prof. Tamar Dayan, five Buxton's jirds were brought to the Zoological Garden – three females and two males. The jirds were collected on 28.11.15 in the fields of Tze'elim and Gvulot. The Buxton's jird is an endangered endemic species. The aim of the study is to evaluate the frequency of these jirds in agricultural fields in comparison to their frequency in nature reserves in the area. The study is carried out by capturing jirds and by analyzing the contents of barn owl and long-eared owl pellets for the remains of jirds. The five Buxton's jirds are now housed in a spacious cage, near the hedgehogs' cages in the reptile yard. 

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