photo: Tuvia Kurtz

On 11th November 2015 we celebrated an historical moment: an opening was made in the wall between the Botanical and the Zoological Gardens and a gate connecting the two gardens was installed.

Photo: Noga Perry

An environmental enrichment project is currently being carried out in the Zoological Garden. The goal is to enable the animals to perform their various natural behaviours and thus improve their welfare.

Photo: Ron Elazari-Volcani

In the framework of renovation of the eastern trail we decided to incorporate within the trail several animal footprint tracks that tell a story, enabling the visitors to learn about the animals from a different perspective.

It's mid-February and our amphibians are in the middle of the breeding season!

Photo: Lee Koren

In mid-February we received a pair of rock hyraxes from Dr Lee Koren of Bar Ilan University. The male hyrax, Dudu, was captured about three years ago as an adult in Arad, and is now about 7-8 years old. The female, Sky, is about three years old.

On Friday, 12th February 2016, Nature Campus invited the general public to celebrate the International Darwin Day.

Photo: Ilil Pratt

Thirteen Nene goose chicks have hatched, none of them suffering from leg problems! It seems that the change we made to their diet, from a protein and fat rich diet to a diet based on green vegetation, has solved the problem.

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