It's mid-February and our amphibians are in the middle of the breeding season! The Eurasian marsh frogs are mating and laying eggs. The Middle East tree frogs have already laid eggs twice, 10 days apart, and we can now see two different sizes of tadpoles. The European green toads have mated vigorously, and it was nice to observe the prominent difference in size and color between male and female. The female laid her eggs a few days after beginning mating and the eggs hatched after only three days, perhaps because of the unusually high temperatures during those three days.  

In the photos: 1. Marsh frogs mating, with the eggs visible in the lower part of the photo; 2. Green toads mating: the male is much smaller than the female and has different colors; 3. Tree frog tadpoles; 4. Marsh frog eggs  

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