Photo: Dror Ben-David

The Zoological Garden clinic is currently home to four red fox cubs (or kits, if we want to be perfectly correct), now one month old.

Four great cormorants have arrived from Oranim College to join our cormorant cage.

In the north-eastern corner of the pool, next to the food dishes for the birds, you can observe a fascinating behaviour – a competition for food between gazelles and crows.

If you’ve been observing the Persian fallow deer recently, you certainly will have noticed that one of the antlers of the oldest deer is growing downwards and distorted. We don’t know why this is happening (perhaps because of a traumatic injury at the end of the previous breeding season), but as a result two things have occurred.

The yellow-legged gulls nest on the grass and their speckled eggs are well camouflaged. Some of the eggs have already started to hatch, one week earlier than last year. 

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