As part of the effort to promote animal enrichment in the Zoological Garden, and as an initiative of Afrin Bonshtein, a volunteer who was involved in an enrichment project in the Zoological Garden, the garden's workers were invited to a lecture on animal training and enrichment. The lecturer was Gali Berkovich, training and enrichment coordinator at the Zoological Center Tel-Aviv Ramat-Gan (Safari), who shared some of her vast experience with us.
It was decided that Ehud and Aluma, the animal keepers, would be responsible for the Zoological Garden's enrichment program. They will receive training and enrichment protocols from Gali, adapt them to the Zoological Garden, and plan new and varied enrichment activities that will be assimilated into the keepers' routines. 
One of the activities already being carried out to promote our animals' welfare is that of allowing the hyena to spend several hours a week in the wolves' yard. Before the hyena enters the yard the wolves, of course, have to go back inside their cage. Despite our best intentions, however, our elderly hyena does not like upsetting its daily routine. It goes out into the yard, makes a short round, and then sits next to its cage door and 'asks' to go back inside.

The hyena basking in the sun, waiting to go back to its cage,  Photo: Ron Elazari-Volcani

The hyena basking in the sun, waiting to go back to its cage,  Photo: Ron Elazari-Volcani

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