Our new amphibian exhibitions are finally open. Four exhibitions have been built, two of which are already populated with eastern spadefoot toads, Levant water frogs, and European green toads. Construction of the fifth exhibition, in the middle of the room, will start soon. The exhibitions were built by Shimon Gvily from "Animal House" in Kfar HaNagid, and Asaf Moran, a PhD. student, under the supervision of Prof. Arnon Lotem, from the School of Zoology at Tel Aviv University. We were very happy to discover that shortly after our amphibians arrived in their new homes, they started breeding!

1. Two water frogs in the exhibition, photo: Naama Schor;
2. One of the exhibitions from a distance, photo: Ilil Pratt;
3. Water frog eggs, photo: Asaf Moran;
4. Spadefoot toad eggs, photo: Asaf Moran  

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