In the previous edition of Gardens News we announced that the female of our old griffon vulture pair had laid an egg at the end of February. The egg was transferred to the national incubation center for Israeli birds of prey at the Jerusalem Biblical Zoo. The female then laid a second egg, which was also transferred to the incubation center. To replace the fertile egg the pair received a dummy egg for incubation. On 6.5.16 the dummy egg was removed and a young vulture chick, four days old, was introduced into the nest. It was very exciting to watch how the female vulture immediately approached the chick and started to tend to it and feed it.
The story of this vulture chick is part of the saga of the endless and cooperative efforts being carried out to strengthen the vulture population in Israel. The chick's parents, suffering from rickets, were collected by the Israel Nature and Parks Authority in the year 2000. The pair were restored to health and in the past few years have been living at the feeding station of Hai-Bar Carmel, operated by the Israel Nature and Parks Authority, where they serve as a breeding pair and as a means to attract other vultures to the feeding station. The egg that was laid in their nest this year was also relocated to the incubation center at the Jerusalem Biblical Zoo and the chick that hatched from it was then transferred to our Garden.

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