The Zoological Research Garden at Tel Aviv University constitutes a unique and leading scientific research center in Israel. It maintains the largest collection in the world of local animals: about 40 species of mammals, 100 species of birds, and 80 species of reptiles and amphibians.

Many nature conservation projects are carried out in the Zoological Garden.

Educational activities aimed at disseminating scientific knowledge to the general public are carried out by Nature Campus.

Latest news

Fighting ibexes, photo: Noga Kronfeld-Schor

Two young female ibexes, one of them perhaps pregnant, have joined our old herd of ibexes – four males and a single female that no longer comes into heat.

Henry, the friendly bulbul, photo: Ilil Pratt

Of all the thicket aviary inhabitants, Henry, the friendly bulbul, is the most prominent.  He welcomes whoever enters the aviary, perches on their shoulders and enjoys pecking at their beauty marks and jewellery.

The Garden is open for visiting groups. Visits must be coordinated in advance via Nature Campus

Virtual tour in the Zoological Garden through Google street view

Projects and plans for future development